We did it. we really made one.

The world’s first bacon-fueled motorcycle

See the Bike

Tailgaters rejoice

The exhaust on this bike actually smells like bacon

In a previous life, the bacon motorcycle was a diesel motorcycle. An extremely rare one at that. The 2011 Track T‑800 CDI is one of only 20 in existence, if you believe Wikipedia. This made it hard to find. So, we worked with SWM Adventure Motorsports, a distributer in British Columbia, to ship one in from the Netherlands.

Zero to bacon

tear it down and rebuild it stronger

Charlie Smithson, of CS Engineering, tore the bike apart and rebuilt it with more attitude. This included a carbon fiber tank, a lowered suspension, a modified frame and a pigskin saddle.



bioblend + bacon = friends

smells good, and good for the environment, too

Bioblend fuels took our bacon grease and converted it into a bacon biodiesel that has almost zero carbon emissions. It gets 100 miles per gallon, has a 800 cc three-cylinder diesel engine and can go 0-60 in 6 seconds. The Bacon Bike was invited to be the feature vehicle at The ALT Energy Summit.